Kris Boyd Criticizes Rangers Hierarchy for Leaving Fans in the Dark About Opening Games

Former Rangers player Kris Boyd has slammed the club for leaving fans in the dark regarding potential delays to the opening fixtures of the 2024/25 season.

Ibrox Stadium is currently undergoing renovations, raising concerns that the team might not be able to play their opening matches at home. However, a lack of communication from the club has frustrated fans, according to Boyd.

“Rangers have claimed the hold-up is down to delays with steel coming in from Asia,” Boyd told the Scottish Sun. “Apparently a project manager has already carried the can and been relieved of his duties.”

“I’m sorry, these excuses don’t wash,” he continued. “It’s nowhere near good enough. This whole situation needs to be addressed properly by Rangers.”

Boyd pointed out the club’s vocal criticism of Dundee FC last season regarding pitch postponements. “The club’s bosses were vocal last season about the state of Dundee’s pitch after multiple postponements — and rightly so,” he said. “But I bet Dens chief John Nelms is thinking to himself now, ‘At least we had a stadium to play in….’”

“It’s crazy that Rangers have got themselves in this mess,” said Boyd. “I find it hard to believe really. Listen, these Ibrox upgrades have been planned for a while, and I am all for making sure every supporter gets the best possible experience of watching their team.”