Kris Boyd Believes Michael Beale Could Follow Postecoglou’s Path to the English Premier League

In a recent statement, former Rangers striker Kris Boyd expressed his belief that Michael Beale, the current manager of Rangers, has plans to eventually leave the club and make his way to the English Premier League. Boyd drew parallels with Ange Postecoglou, Beale’s former rival at Celtic, who recently took charge at Tottenham.

Boyd, who now works as a pundit for Sky Sports, stated that he would be delighted if Beale followed in Postecoglou’s footsteps and secured a position in the English top flight. He believes that such a move would signify Beale’s success as a manager. Reflecting on the managerial talents on both sides of the Glasgow divide, Boyd emphasized that the allure of the riches and quality in the English Premier League is difficult to resist.

In his column for the Scottish Sun, Boyd wrote, “If the Rangers boss is the latest Old Firm gaffer to be poached by one of the big boys down south, then it means he is doing a great job at Ibrox. I’d also like to think he would go with his head held high and with the best wishes of the supporters. Like it or not, the Glasgow giants are now a stepping stone to bigger and better things for both players and managers. It’s no more than a stopping-off point. Just ask the likes of Ange Postecoglou, Brendan Rodgers, and Steven Gerrard.”

Boyd expressed his hopes that Beale would aspire to manage a massive club in England, stating, “If you have anything about you as a sportsman, then you want to reach the top. And I sincerely hope the Rangers gaffer has aspirations to manage a massive club in England.” Boyd underscored the significance of the Old Firm clubs as institutions but acknowledged that it takes a special individual to thrive in such an environment.

The examples Boyd cited—Ange Postecoglou, Brendan Rodgers, and Steven Gerrard—highlight the pattern of former Scottish Premiership managers being enticed by opportunities in the English top flight. Despite their success in Scotland, all three managers eventually sought greener pastures.

However, Boyd cautioned that Beale should focus on achieving success with Rangers before contemplating a grand departure. Beale is currently engaged in a significant transfer rebuild at Ibrox and must first secure trophies in Scotland before considering a move to England. Boyd pointed out that it took Beale five attempts to secure his first victory in an Old Firm match, indicating the need for him to make progress within his current role before considering a move south.

Beale’s commitment to Rangers has been evident, as he turned down a Premier League job offer while at QPR last season, rejecting advances from Wolves. The Rangers opportunity changed his course, although it made him unpopular in West London. Despite his deep connection with the Light Blues, it is unlikely that Beale will stay at Ibrox indefinitely.

Ultimately, Beale’s departure from Rangers may be inevitable. Nonetheless, the focus remains on his ability to achieve success with the Glasgow giants, ensuring that he leaves a lasting legacy before any potential move to manage a prominent English club materializes.