Kris Boyd Advocates for a Change in Rangers’ Recruitment Strategy

Kris Boyd has expressed his concerns about the club’s recruitment strategy and believes that they should have considered alternative options like Lawrence Shankland and Kevin van Veen. In a recent interview with the Scottish Sun, Boyd highlighted the issues surrounding Rangers’ data-driven recruitment model and questioned the effectiveness of their recent signings. He also emphasized the need to prioritize winning the league title over European aspirations.

Boyd has been critical of Rangers’ recruitment efforts for some time. He pointed out that the club’s recruitment has fallen short in recent years and suggested that their data-driven approach may not be yielding the desired results.

“Apart from keeper Jack Butland, this summer’s signings are all struggling. You can’t put it any other way,” Boyd lamented. It’s a stark assessment, especially considering the significant investments made in the transfer market. He went on to highlight that the Ibrox faithful, who had grown frustrated with players like Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent, would now welcome them back with open arms.

“That’s not a good place to be when you’ve spent £14 million on a replacement frontline,” Boyd observed, raising questions about the value for money in their recent acquisitions.

Boyd believes that Rangers missed an opportunity by not exploring alternatives like Lawrence Shankland and Kevin van Veen, two players with proven goal-scoring records in the Scottish Premiership. He argued that both Shankland and Van Veen would have come at a fraction of the cost compared to the summer signings, allowing the club to allocate their funds elsewhere.

“It’s just a pity they didn’t crunch Lawrence Shankland or Kevin van Veen’s numbers,” Boyd remarked, suggesting that these players could have been more cost-effective solutions for the team’s attacking needs.

One of the key points made by Boyd is the need for Rangers to shift their focus from European competition to domestic success. He believes that the club should prioritize winning the Premiership and channel all their efforts toward that goal.

“Some may say Shankland and Van Veen wouldn’t have made a difference in Europe. But it’s time to forget Europe. Gers need to put all their eggs in one basket and try to win the Premiership. Their season starts right here, right now,” Boyd asserted.