Kevin Van Veen Has Claimed That Rangers Still Have an Interest in Signing Him

Kevin van Veen has maintained that Rangers continue to harbor a keen “interest” in securing his talents from Groningen during the January transfer window. The 32-year-old forward sheds light on the ongoing speculations and provides insights into the intricacies of the potential move.

Speaking on the matter, Van Veen clarified the situation, asserting, “Even though I rejected them in the summer, there is still interest. But there are more clubs that find a striker who scored 29 goals last season interesting. I can contact clubs in the entire Scottish League directly, but they all want to loan me while FC Groningen prefers to sell.”

The striker acknowledged the challenges posed by transfer dynamics, stating, “It is difficult for many Scottish clubs to come close to what FC Groningen paid for me in terms of a transfer fee, and that is a problem. I thought very carefully about my move and the consequences last summer.”

Reflecting on his stature in Scotland, Van Veen expressed, “In Scotland, I’m still a hero; I can’t even go shopping normally. I also want to show Groningen who I am. If that is ultimately not possible, life goes on. If an opportunity comes along that is good for the club and for myself, we have to act. But we are still a long way from that.”