Kenny Miller Predicts Outcome of SPFL Title Race Ahead of Rangers vs. Celtic Clash

Kenny Miller has weighed in on the Scottish Premier League (SPFL) title race, drawing on insights from comments made by Philippe Clement.

Miller, now a pundit for the BBC, offered his assessment on the potential outcome of the championship, emphasizing the significance of the upcoming fixture between the two Glasgow giants.

Speaking to Superscoreboard and reported by Football Scotland, Miller expressed his belief that should Rangers emerge victorious against Celtic on Sunday and secure another win against Dundee in mid-week, they would be in pole position for the title. He stated, “If Rangers win on Sunday and then beat Dundee to go five points clear with six games to go, they won’t throw that away. I don’t think Philippe Clement will allow that to happen.”

Highlighting Clement’s approach, Miller commended the manager’s focus on winning each game without overcomplicating tactics. He remarked, “Philippe Clement’s a winner. He’s talked about it. It’s game by game, he wants to win and more often than not, since he’s come in, his team have.”

Discussing the psychological impact of a potential Rangers victory, Miller suggested that it would put significant pressure on Celtic, who would find themselves trailing by five points with only a handful of games remaining. He pointed out, “If Rangers were to win, the psychology of it, if Celtic were to look at it, on Wednesday night they are potentially five points back with six games to go.”

However, Miller also acknowledged the resilience of Celtic, stating that a victory for the Hoops would keep the title race alive. He noted, “On the other hand, if Celtic were to win then I still think it’s alive. Because as much as it (the final Old Firm game of the season) is at Celtic Park, it’s two very, very evenly matched teams.”

In conclusion, Miller suggested that the final outcome of the title race remains uncertain, with both Rangers and Celtic possessing the capability to secure crucial victories in the remaining fixtures. He concluded optimistically, “Rangers could go to Celtic Park and win, and then go on to win the league.”