Kenny Miller Laments Lack of Playtime for Rising Star Ross McCausland at Rangers

BBC Scotland pundit Kenny Miller has expressed his concerns over the limited playing time afforded to the promising talent, Ross McCausland. The 20-year-old winger, touted for a breakthrough season, has found himself on the sidelines more often than not, sparking questions about the team’s strategy and player utilization.

Miller, like many fans and observers, anticipated a more prominent role for McCausland, especially in light of the departure of Ryan Kent to Fenerbahce. Despite a noticeable gap on the wing, McCausland has only managed one league start this season, with four additional appearances as a substitute.

Speaking on The Go Radio Football Show, Miller highlighted the apparent absence of dynamic wingers in the current Rangers squad, emphasizing the departure of a player of Kent’s caliber. He commented, “What you also have to factor into McCausland’s situation is how this manager maybe wants to play. And where are the wingers at the club? Where are the guys at the club who are capable of being direct and dribbling and putting defenders on the back foot?”

Miller’s remarks shed light on the tactical decisions made by the coaching staff and the perceived dearth of players with the ability to fill the void left by Kent. He continued, “They’ve let a Ryan Kent go. You have let that type of player go. I don’t really see any other real wingers in that Rangers team at this moment. There’s definitely a place for him (McCausland) in that squad.”

This commentary brings attention to the strategic choices made by the Rangers management and the impact on the development and utilization of promising talents like McCausland. As the season progresses, the spotlight will likely remain on the club’s handling of its young talents and the evolving dynamics within the squad.