Kenny Miller Believes Philippe Clement’s Rangers Side Are “Very Similar” to When Michael Beale Was in Charge

Pundit Kenny Miller has offered his insights on the situation, suggesting that Clement’s Rangers side bears a striking resemblance to Beale’s tenure.

Miller’s assessment of the situation, as quoted by the Daily Record, highlights his concern regarding the manner of Rangers’ victories under Clement. He said, “It’s the manner of the win. It’s still a performance that’s not good enough.” It’s clear that, in Miller’s eyes, the results may be positive, but the overall quality of play leaves much to be desired.

Delving into the specific matches, Miller expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent outings. He commented, “For me, the last three weeks’ performances have been very similar to what we were watching before. Hibs were awful at Ibrox and Rangers took advantage of mistakes from Hibs.” This observation underscores a consistent issue that Miller believes persists within the team, despite the managerial change.

One key point of contention for Miller is the team’s approach after achieving an equalizer. He argues, “Once you get the equalizer you don’t settle for the point, you go for the win.” Miller’s words suggest that he expects a more proactive and ambitious style of play from Rangers, even when they manage to level the score.

Miller offers a word of caution to fellow Rangers fans, urging them not to get carried away with the recent results. He believes that the performances, in his view, have not undergone a significant transformation. He said, “I don’t think any Rangers fan should be getting carried away. For me, the performances haven’t been that different. I think it’s small steps in the right direction.”

In summary, Kenny Miller’s assessment of Philippe Clement’s Rangers echoes the sentiment that the team’s recent successes may be encouraging, but the underlying issues with their style of play have yet to be fully addressed.