Kenny Dalglish Believes Philippe Clement Warns Rangers Squad of Potential Ibrox Futures in Jeopardy

Rangers manager Philippe Clement delivered a stark message to his squad, suggesting that their futures with the club are hanging in the balance. Kenny Dalglish shares his insights on the matter, shedding light on the implications of Clement’s decisive actions.

Writing in the Sunday Post, Dalglish comments, “With that substitution, Clement sent a stark message that plenty in the dressing room are fighting for the right to stay at Rangers.” He highlights the broader context of Rangers’ recent performances, including a disappointing draw against Aris Limassol and a previous loss in Cyprus, emphasizing that these results are deemed unacceptable by the fanbase.

Dalglish elaborates on the dissatisfaction among Rangers supporters, noting that the team has faced boos multiple times this season, indicating the high expectations and standards set by the fanbase. The veteran football figure points out that Cantwell’s substitution was not merely a tactical decision but a symbolic act that underscores the struggles faced by several players in the squad.

“This is a massive five weeks for Rangers and they can’t afford to mess it up, between European qualification and the League Cup final,” warns Dalglish. He underscores the importance of upcoming fixtures for Rangers, urging the team to secure victories and maintain pressure on their rivals, Celtic.

Dalglish acknowledges the challenges faced by Clement and the players, stating, “Given the manager’s actions this week and his explanation on Cantwell, I think we can all see that several players are fighting for their futures.” He also raises questions about the upcoming January transfer window, wondering about the manager’s flexibility and potential moves to address the team’s issues.

As Rangers navigate a crucial period in their season, Clement’s bold decisions and the subsequent reactions from the players will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the team. The January transfer window looms as a pivotal opportunity for reinforcements, and Rangers supporters will be keenly observing how the manager addresses the challenges at hand.