Kemar Roofe Urges Rangers to Revamp Style of Play Amid Fan Frustration

Kemar Roofe believes that fans are expressing their frustration because they’re simply “bored” with the style of football being served up by the team. Roofe’s insights shed light on the need for the Rangers to up their game and deliver a more entertaining brand of football.

The booing from the Ibrox stands became particularly evident after Michael Beale’s team secured a narrow 1-0 victory over Motherwell. Fans jeered the players as they left the field, a clear indication of their disappointment with the team’s performance. Roofe acknowledges that the booing is not without reason, asserting that it stems from the players’ failure to provide the kind of football that excites and engages the supporters.

Looking ahead to the upcoming League Cup clash with Livingston, which is considered a must-win for the team, Kemar Roofe offered his perspective on the situation. He believes that the Rangers’ faithful will stop booing once the team starts delivering the level of football they expect. Roofe stated, “I suppose they are booing because they are probably bored, unfortunately. Trust me, we don’t want that to happen.” Roofe acknowledges that the players bear responsibility for the situation and should strive to entertain the fans with attractive, enjoyable football.

Roofe emphasized the dual nature of professional football as both a results-driven business and an entertainment industry. He noted, “Yes, football is a results-driven business, but it’s also an entertainment business. That’s why fans come to watch a game after all, to be entertained.” Roofe likened his own expectations as a football spectator, stating that if a game becomes boring, he would likely switch off the TV and engage in another activity. He firmly believes that the team is not intentionally playing boring football and expressed confidence that it’s only a matter of time before they turn things around.

As Rangers gear up for a crucial week, with matches against Livingston in the League Cup and Aberdeen in the Premiership at Ibrox, the pressure is mounting. Kemar Roofe’s comments highlight the urgency of addressing the fans’ concerns and delivering a style of football that not only secures results but also entertains the loyal supporters.