Journalist Shares John Lundstram Contract Update Amid Concern at Ibrox

Chris Jack provided reassurance to Rangers fans amidst concerns regarding delays in securing John Lundstram’s new contract at Ibrox. Jack affirmed that both the club and the player are firmly aligned in their commitment to a new deal.

“Not that I’m aware of,” stated Jack when asked about concerns over the lack of news regarding Lundstram’s contract. “I think the last time I checked was maybe three weeks ago, and word was that all parties were in agreement that a new contract is the way forward. Everyone is committed to making it happen.”

Jack further emphasized the consensus within the club, stating, “Rangers are keen to tie him down and the manager wants him as part of his squad, so I would be surprised if that one doesn’t happen.”

Addressing the delay, Jack attributed it to a matter of priority within the club, saying, “The fact that it’s not been signed, I wouldn’t be too worried about it. As far as I’m aware, everyone is still committed to that, so I would think that once things calm down it will be done and it will be announced.”

Additionally, it has been disclosed that Rangers manager Philippe Clement is eager for Lundstram to continue at Ibrox, indicating a positive outlook for the contract negotiations. Sources close to the situation suggest that the deal could be finalized towards the end of the season, once other pressing matters have been addressed.