Jermain Defoe Has Been Recalling His Time at Rangers and in Particular Striker Alfredo Morelos

Former Rangers striker Jermain Defoe delved into his memorable stint at Glasgow Rangers and offered intriguing insights into his former teammate, Alfredo Morelos. Recounting his experiences at Ibrox, Defoe discussed the stark contrast between Morelos’ on and off-pitch personas, shedding light on the Colombian striker’s fiery temperament.

In the podcast, Defoe and fellow guest Troy Deeney engaged in a discussion about the angriest players they had encountered during their careers. The conversation naturally gravitated towards Morelos, as Defoe shared his experiences: “You know who’s really angry? Alfredo Morelos, when I went to Rangers?” Deeney responded humorously, saying, “Oh yeah? I like him, he’s got a belly like me. He can still do it with a belly.”

Defoe expanded on his observations, painting a vivid picture of the two sides of Morelos. Off the pitch, the Colombian striker exhibited a relaxed and carefree demeanor, often seen casually strolling with his collection of five phones in hand. However, once he stepped onto the field, a stark transformation occurred. “On the pitch, he just switches! Angry, he just wants to fight everyone. Even when he scores, the celebration, have you seen the celebration?” Defoe mused, “He does this thing and his face is aggressive.”

Jermain Defoe’s reminiscences of his time at Rangers and his portrayal of Alfredo Morelos’ dual personality – the composed Colombian off the pitch and the fiery competitor on it – provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of professional football. Morelos’ passionate demeanor serves as a reminder that even the most mild-mannered individuals can unleash their inner fire when they step onto the hallowed turf.