“It Feels Like Six Months”: Philippe Clement Reflects on Rangers Start

Philippe Clement shared his thoughts on the whirlwind start to his tenure, expressing that it feels like six months since he took charge. Having assumed the role on October 15, Clement has already overseen an impressive seven matches in just one month, marking a sensational beginning to his time in the Ibrox dugout.

As the international break approaches, Clement is eager to make the most of the training time with players not involved in national team duties. He emphasized his commitment to hard work during the break, stating, “My life is football.” The manager outlined his plans for the break, including a productive training week and, if possible, organizing a bounce game for the players.

Reflecting on his first month in charge and looking ahead to the international break, Clement remarked, “It feels like six months, but it’s difficult to say because I don’t put expectations, I live from day to day.” He emphasized his approach of absorbing information and watching all the games to gauge the potential of the team. Clement expressed openness to positive surprises, stating, “I hope to see a lot of those surprises in the next couple of months.”

Regarding the upcoming break, Clement outlined the schedule for the players, stating, “We will have a good training week. I’ll see if we can organize one game, we’re still looking for that.” He revealed that players would have three days off but with a running program to maintain their fitness during the break. Clement highlighted his dedication to continuous work, noting, “I’m here to work, not to have free time and enjoy life. My life is football.”

Clement also discussed the tailored training programs for players based on their recent game time and injury status. He acknowledged the need to balance intensity, saying, “Players who played a lot will have a program which is intense, but they have their three days also.” For those recovering from injuries, a more challenging program is in place to ensure they reach the same level as their teammates.

In conclusion, Clement acknowledged the challenges of managing international players during the break, stating, “But we can’t control that, so you need to see how they adapt when they come back.” With a strong focus on hard work and meticulous planning, Clement is poised to navigate the complexities of the international break and continue Rangers’ positive momentum in the coming months.