Inside the Glasgow Rangers Dressing Room: Todd Cantwell Speaks on Michael Beale’s Sacking

Todd Cantwell recently shed light on the aftermath of Michael Beale’s departure from the club. Following Beale’s resignation in the wake of a defeat to Aberdeen at Ibrox, the Rangers appointed Phillipe Clement as their new manager. Cantwell, who was Beale’s first signing for the team, opened up about the situation on The Beautiful Game podcast.

Although Cantwell was sidelined with an injury during the fateful game against Aberdeen, he provided valuable insight into the atmosphere within the Rangers’ dressing room after the loss. Speaking to The Beautiful Game podcast, Cantwell commented on the somber environment that prevailed.

“I think certain things said in football should stay in football. I think what I will share and the information I have is that you could hear a pin drop in the changing room,” Cantwell disclosed. “It was one of those moments where any word is going to be received wrong. So even if you were to say, ‘this was rubbish,’ someone is going to jump on it. It was almost like silence was the best remedy because if anyone spoke, someone would lose their mind.”

Cantwell’s remarks provide a glimpse into the gravity of the situation, as the abrupt exit of Beale left a significant impact on the Glasgow Rangers’ dressing room. With the appointment of Phillipe Clement as the new manager, the team is undoubtedly in a state of transition, and the dynamics within the squad are evolving in response to these recent developments.