Ianis Hagi Drops Hint of Extended Stay with Alaves in Recent Interview

Ianis Hagi’s future with Rangers appears uncertain, with recent comments hinting at a potential extended stay with Alaves in LaLiga.

The 25-year-old midfielder, who embarked on a season-long loan to the Spanish side in August, expressed his fondness for Spanish football and his enjoyment of the lifestyle during a recent interview on the LaLiga podcast.

Despite being under contract until the end of the 2025-26 season, the Romanian international’s future with Rangers seems uncertain, given his positive sentiments about his current situation in Spain.

“It has always been my favorite league, and I have always followed it. I love Spanish football, the Spanish mentality. I’m in love with the country and the lifestyle here. I’m really enjoying my time here,” Hagi revealed during the podcast.

Specifically addressing Alaves, Hagi emphasized the alignment between the club’s ambitions and his own personality and mentality. “They are always ambitious, and they align with who I am, my personality and mentality,” he stated.

While Hagi’s words may be interpreted as coded messages hinting at a desire to extend his stay with Alaves, it raises questions about his potential return to Rangers next summer, even with Philippe Clement now at the helm.

As the season progresses, the uncertainty surrounding Ianis Hagi’s future adds an intriguing layer to Rangers’ transfer considerations.