Graeme Souness Unveils Primary Concerns Over Philippe Clement’s Rangers Job Candidacy

Graeme Souness opened up about his reservations regarding Philippe Clement’s potential appointment as the manager for the Rangers and how the Belgian tactician has proven him wrong.

During the discussion on talkSPORT on February 19, Souness revealed that his primary worry about Clement was centered around how he would navigate the unique challenges associated with managing an Old Firm club.

“My major concern, I mean, he interviewed brilliantly. I was part of the interviewing process and I was firing some difficult questions at him, but he’s got presence, and his English is very, very good,” Souness stated.

Clement, known for his managerial success in Belgium and France, managed to address Souness’s concerns during the interview process. However, Souness emphasized that taking charge of one of the Old Firm sides presents distinctive challenges that require a special set of skills.

“He’s got a great CV, but the one doubt I had was that managing in the West of Scotland and managing one of the Old Firm teams brings its own challenges, but he’s handling it,” Souness acknowledged.

Despite Souness’s initial apprehensions, he commended Clement for his performance since taking over the reins at Ibrox. Souness acknowledged that dealing with the expectations and attitudes at Rangers is no small feat, but Clement has handled it admirably during his relatively short tenure.

“He’s done well in Belgium, then going to Southern France with Monaco. But no job in football prepares you for the West of Scotland,” Souness explained.