Graeme Souness Slams Chris Sutton’s “Biased” Commentary on Old Firm Draw

Graeme Souness has lashed out at Chris Sutton for what he describes as “biased” commentary, particularly regarding the contentious Fabio Silva penalty incident.

The former Rangers star expressed astonishment at Sutton’s reaction to the penalty, noting that despite clear replays showing Silva was kicked on the knee, Sutton persisted in claiming the player had dived. Souness also criticized Silva, accusing him of “embarrassing himself” with his “theatrics,” although he acknowledged that, in this instance, the correct decision was made, and it was indeed a penalty.

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT on April 8 at 10:54, Souness asserted, “100 per cent [it’s a penalty]. Silva is a diver and he’s embarrassing himself, but that was a penalty. The defender cut him across the knees with his dangling foot. It’s a penalty.”

Despite acknowledging Sutton’s past charitable work, Souness didn’t hold back in his criticism, stating, “I’m reluctant to go strong on Chris Sutton, he’s funny, he did a bit [of charity work] for me, but I can’t believe how biased he is when he’s talking about Rangers. He was saying ‘It’s embarrassing, it’s not a penalty.’ It was easily a penalty, there’s not even a discussion to have for me. People are now aware of his [Silva’s] theatrics, but that was definitely, for me, 100 per cent a penalty.”

The verbal sparring between the two football pundits reflects the intense passion and scrutiny surrounding Old Firm encounters, with debates over refereeing decisions often sparking controversy among fans and analysts alike.