Graeme Souness Shares SPFL Title Verdict After Simon Jordan ‘Bottling’ Claim

Graeme Souness has weighed in on the current state of the Scottish Premiership title race, asserting that Celtic now hold the advantage following a dip in form from Rangers. Meanwhile, pundit Simon Jordan has accused Philippe Clement’s Rangers of “bottling it”.

Souness refrained from using such strong language but acknowledged the challenging situation Rangers face in catching up with their rivals. He emphasized that even if Rangers secure a victory at Parkhead, they would still need Celtic to drop points elsewhere due to their superior goal difference.

In an interview on talkSPORT on April 22 at 10:07 am, Jordan questioned Souness, saying: “Are you surprised at your boys choking so much? Bottling it?”

Souness responded, “I’m not going to use those words, but it’s very disappointing. Now it’s very much in Celtic’s hands – it’s a hard place to go and get a result, even when you are the best team up there. It’s Celtic’s to lose. Even if Rangers can go there and win, you’re still hoping for Celtic to drop a point elsewhere because of their goal difference.”