Graeme Souness Advocates for Rangers Entry into Premier League to Revitalize Scottish Football

In a recent episode of the talkSPORT’s Simon & Souness podcast, football legend Graeme Souness expressed his strong desire to see Rangers and Celtic join the English Premier League, asserting that such a move could inject new life into Scottish football. The age-old debate on whether the Old Firm pair could realistically compete in the English top-flight was reignited during a conversation with Simon Jordan on the podcast, released on [5 February].

Souness, a former Liverpool and Rangers manager, declared his unequivocal support for the idea, stating, “I would 100 per cent like to see Rangers and Celtic in the Premier League.” However, talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan countered this perspective, arguing that such a move could “kill Scottish football” and suggested that the Scottish giants might face challenges adapting to the English competition.

In response to these concerns, Souness presented a compelling argument for the financial benefits of such a transition. He highlighted the vast difference in television revenue between the Scottish Premiership and the English Premier League, stating, “Their income from television right now is circa £3 million. Bournemouth, where I live, are getting £100 million.” This stark contrast underscores the potential financial windfall that Rangers and Celtic could enjoy by competing in the more lucrative English league.

Souness continued by addressing the current dominance of the top two Scottish teams, stating, “Right now, the top two in Scotland dominate, and there’s nothing on the horizon to suggest that’s going to change.” He suggested that other Scottish teams could benefit from Rangers and Celtic vacating the domestic league, potentially creating more opportunities for them to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.