Glen Kamara May Have an Opportunity to Secure a Transfer This Summer

Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara may have an opportunity to secure a transfer this summer, as Turkish club Besiktas has expressed interest in a loan deal. According to Turkish news outlet Fotospor, Besiktas is keen on acquiring Kamara after failing to sign Lens midfielder Jean Onana. While negotiations are still ongoing and Rangers have not responded to the offer, the Scottish club’s priority is to sell Kamara. However, they may consider a loan arrangement only if a purchase option is included.

Following unsuccessful attempts to secure the services of Jean Onana, Besiktas has shifted its focus to Glen Kamara. Fotospor reports that Besiktas has offered a straightforward loan deal to Rangers, without any purchase option attached. While Rangers have yet to respond, their primary objective is to sell Kamara during this transfer window.

Since joining Rangers from Dundee in January 2019, Glen Kamara has become an integral part of the team. The Finnish midfielder has made nearly 200 appearances during his four-and-a-half-year tenure at the club. However, with the recent additions of Nicolas Raskin and Kieran Dowell, coupled with an imminent deal for Jose Cifuentes, Kamara’s position in the squad may be at risk.

While a loan move to Besiktas may seem like a viable option for Kamara, it is not the most favorable outcome for Rangers. Should Kamara go on loan, he would return to the club with only a year left on his contract, potentially diminishing his market value. Rangers, in their pursuit of strengthening Michael Beale’s squad, require either a cash deal or a loan agreement that includes an obligation to buy, rather than just an option.

Rangers, like any club, need to generate funds to support their investments in the squad. With Kamara being a likely candidate for departure, the club must secure a deal that provides an immediate cash injection. While a loan deal could offer temporary relief, it does not address the financial aspect that Rangers currently face.

As Besiktas pursues a loan deal for Glen Kamara, the midfielder finds himself at a crucial juncture in his Rangers career. While he has been an important player for the Scottish club, new additions and potential replacements threaten his place in the squad. Rangers would prefer to sell Kamara but could consider a loan arrangement if a purchase option is included. However, given the financial implications, a straight loan deal seems unlikely. Ultimately, the coming weeks will determine Kamara’s future and whether he will make the move to Besiktas or seek opportunities elsewhere.