Former Rangers Chairman Slams Graeme Souness for What He Did When Philippe Clement Was Hired

former Rangers chairman Dave King has voiced his criticism towards club legend Graeme Souness for his public endorsement of Frank Lampard as his preferred choice to replace Michael Beale as the Rangers’ manager.

Philippe Clement eventually secured the managerial position over Lampard and has since led the Gers admirably, achieving success by clinching the Scottish League Cup and spearheading a strong campaign for the Scottish Premiership title. However, King believes that Souness should have refrained from expressing his opinion publicly to maintain a positive atmosphere surrounding the managerial appointment.

Expressing his disappointment, King stated to Rangers Review, “I must say I didn’t know much about the manager.” He added, “Graeme Souness’ comment didn’t necessarily help by saying he would have gone for [Frank] Lampard. If you think that, keep it in-house, you don’t have to go and announce it to everybody. My view overall is one of being more positive about it.”

King’s remarks shed light on the importance of fostering positivity and unity within the club, regardless of personal preferences. This incident underscores the complexities involved in managerial transitions and the need for discretion among club stalwarts when discussing potential candidates.