Danilo Gives Verdict on New Rangers Fan Chant Heard v Hearts

Rangers supporters unveiled a catchy new chant aimed at their star player Danilo. The Brazilian footballer has quickly become a fan favorite at Ibrox, and his performances on the pitch are turning heads.

The summer signing has been making a significant impact in his recent appearances, with three goals and one assist in his last six outings. While he didn’t find the back of the net himself in the 3-1 win over Hearts at Hampden Park, he played a pivotal role by winning the penalty that allowed James Tavernier to score the opening goal.

What truly made the moment memorable for Danilo was the chant from the Rangers faithful. As he basked in the glory of the win, he was serenaded with a song that goes, “he’s Brazilian, he’s only worth £6 million.” The 24-year-old midfielder couldn’t help but join in the chorus, echoing the sentiment of the supporters.

In a recent interview with Football Scotland on November 5th, Danilo expressed his delight about the new chant, saying, “The song is brilliant. I love hearing it.” The chant has left a lasting impression on him, to the point where he’s even sung it with enthusiasm to his wife. “Yesterday actually I was with my wife, and she said, ‘Dani, are you going to sing your song?’ And I said, ‘yeah!’ I just love this song, and it’s become stuck in my head. I appreciate it.”

Danilo’s appreciation for the chant reflects the strong bond he has forged with the Rangers’ fanbase. It’s not just his performances on the pitch that have endeared him to the supporters; it’s also his infectious enthusiasm for the club and their songs of praise.

The chant has quickly become a symbol of Danilo’s growing importance at Ibrox, and it serves as a testament to the unity between the players and the fans. With his talent, dedication, and a chant that resonates with the supporters, it’s evident that Danilo is on his way to becoming a Rangers legend.