Cyriel Dessers Sends Message to Critics, Insists He’s More Than Just Finesse

Rangers striker Cyriel Dessers silenced his critics with a crucial goal against St Mirren, propelling his team to a 2-1 victory and reigniting their Scottish Premiership title push. The win comes after a period of scrutiny for Dessers, who despite reaching the 20-goal mark, has faced criticism for his playing style.

“Have I rammed the critics’ words back down their throats?” Dessers said in a post-match interview with the Daily Record. “That’s up to other people.”

The Nigerian international readily acknowledged his playing style might not be the most aesthetically pleasing. “I’m a striker who maybe on the eye isn’t the most beautiful or the most clean,” he admitted.

However, Dessers emphasized the unseen aspects of his game that contribute to the team’s success. “These are the things people in the stands or on social media don’t see immediately, but they are there and they benefit the team,” he stressed.

Dessers remains confident there’s more to offer. “There is more to come from me, I don’t think I have got to my top form yet,” he declared.

Expanding on his approach, Dessers highlighted the physical demands he puts on himself. “I’m talking about winning battles with defenders. About running,” he explained. “Last week I broke my record for high-intensity runs, for sprints.”

With his fighting spirit and unwavering focus on goals, Dessers appears determined to silence his doubters and propel Rangers towards the title.

Rangers Get Back on Track with Dessers Goal

Rangers finally grabbed a win after a shaky run, beating St Mirren thanks to a goal from Cyriel Dessers.

The Gers hadn’t won in three league games before this, but Dessers has been firing on all cylinders. He scored twice against Hearts to put them in the Scottish Cup final, and his goal against St Mirren tied them with Celtic at the top of the table.

With just four games left, Dessers’ scoring form could be the key to Rangers stealing the Premiership title from their rivals.