Cyriel Dessers and Sam Lammers Find Redemption Under Philippe Clement

Cyriel Dessers and Sam Lammers, recent acquisitions under former Rangers manager Michael Beale, found themselves grappling with the pressures of the game. However, according to Scottish Daily Mail journalist Brian Marjoribanks, their fortunes may be on the upswing under new leadership.

Marjoribanks noted, “Dessers has looked like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders this season, but scoring his second league goal of the campaign should help. Sam Lammers squandered a huge opportunity to record his second goal of the season when he cracked the ball against the post, but he looks far more at home in the No 10 position and he caused Hibs problems. This was a match that should help nurture the self-belief of players like Dessers and Lammers after a bruising last few weeks at the end of Beale’s tenure.”

The summer signings of Dessers and Lammers were initially met with anticipation, but their underwhelming performances contributed to Beale’s eventual sacking. In his place, Philippe Clement took the reins, and his influence was felt immediately as Rangers clinched a resounding 4-0 victory over Hibernian at Ibrox.

Dessers, who had struggled to find the back of the net, finally broke through with his second league goal of the season. Meanwhile, Lammers, despite missing a golden opportunity, seemed to be finding his rhythm in the No 10 position. The change in leadership breathed fresh life into the team and offered the beleaguered players a chance at redemption.

The transition from Beale to Clement was a revelation for Rangers fans. The team left behind the plodding, predictable, sideways passing football that had become associated with the end of Beale’s tenure. While the phenomenon of a “new manager bounce” should be approached with caution, it was an encouraging sign for the club’s faithful supporters.

Philippe Clement, the man at the helm, remained pragmatic and mindful of the work that lay ahead. He knew that Dessers and Lammers, among others, needed a confidence boost. Under Beale’s stewardship, the team’s striking force had been rebuilt but never quite found its groove.