Chris Sutton Has Hit Back at the Daily Record After They Described Nicolas Raskin’s Goal as a “Rocket”

Chris Sutton found himself at the center of one such debate after the Daily Record characterized Nicolas Raskin’s goal for Rangers in their resounding 4-0 victory over Hibernian as a “Rocket.” This seemingly innocuous choice of words triggered a spirited response from Sutton, who had selected Raskin among the top performers in his weekly team lineup.

The source of the controversy emerged from a tweet sharing Chris Sutton’s team of the week, which prominently featured three Rangers players: James Tavernier, Abdallah Sima, and Nicolas Raskin. While Sutton’s choices seemed straightforward, he took issue with the Daily Record’s description of Raskin’s goal as a “Rocket.”

Sutton, known for his candid and often confrontational style, didn’t hold back in expressing his disagreement. He not only refuted the term used to describe the goal but also sought the opinion of fans regarding his choices. In a tweet from his personal Twitter account, he quoted the Daily Record’s tweet, saying, “Tough choices to make in the Record Sport Team of the Week, albeit it wasn’t a Raskin rocket, do you agree with this team?”

While Sutton’s primary concern was the inaccuracy of the description, he couldn’t resist a cheeky remark aimed at Rangers. After all, he had featured three of the Ibrox side’s players in his team of the week. Sutton’s comment, while mild and somewhat playful, underlined his penchant for adding a hint of criticism, even in a lighthearted manner.

This incident showcases the passionate nature of football discussions and the importance of precision in sports reporting. The choice of words can significantly impact how fans perceive and discuss the game, and in this case, it led to a spirited exchange between Chris Sutton and the Daily Record.

As the football season continues, fans and pundits alike can expect more such debates and controversies, proving once again that football is as much about what happens off the pitch as it is about the action on it.