Chris Sutton Fires New Jab at Todd Cantwell Amid Ongoing Dispute

Chris Sutton has once again taken aim at Rangers star Todd Cantwell, suggesting that the ongoing dispute between them is far from over. The discussion initially centered around the biggest divers in football, with Sutton mentioning Bruno Fernandes and Harry Kane before turning his attention to Cantwell.

Sutton, not holding back, stated, “I should say Todd Cantwell as well, but I’m not going down that petty route.” This remark adds fuel to the fire of their long-running disagreement, which has seen countless jabs and swipes from Sutton whenever Cantwell is involved in key moments at Ibrox.

This recent comment follows Sutton’s previous labeling of Cantwell as “TikTok Todd” during a discussion with Daily Mail journalist Ian Ladyman on the podcast. Despite a brief period of calm in their dispute, Sutton’s latest jab could reignite tensions, especially considering the history of their public exchanges.

Sutton’s latest dig, coming off the back of the previous one, could reignite the long-running dispute between the pair which has included countless swipes and digs whenever the midfielder was involved in a key moment at Ibrox.

With the dispute appearing to calm in recent times, it may begin to simmer again if Sutton continues to aim his comments the way of the Ibrox ace – although he recently acknowledged the upturn in form Cantwell has shown.

The midfielder was widely criticised by many after appearing on a podcast in which he discussed his footballing career so far, with Kris Boyd joining Sutton in slamming him, urging him to just focus on football instead of the circus off the field.