Belgian Football Expert Provides Insights on Philippe Clement’s Potential Move to Rangers

Belgian football expert Sven Claes has shed light on the situation surrounding manager Philippe Clement’s potential appointment. Claes recently discussed this matter during an interview with Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, offering valuable insights into the ongoing managerial transition.

According to reports, Clement showcased his capabilities impressively during the interview process, making him a strong candidate for the position. Belgian expert Sven Claes, who is well-versed in the world of football, has relayed pertinent information regarding Clement’s potential move to Rangers. Additionally, Claes has shared details about another coach who will no longer be considered for the managerial role at Ibrox.

With the international break affording Rangers some breathing room, there is no rush to bring in a new manager. However, the newly appointed manager will undoubtedly seek to maximize this pause in fixtures to familiarize themselves with the squad.

When asked about Philippe Clement, Claes remarked, “First of all, I have to say in Belgium he won three championship trophies in a row, so he’s well known for his attractive football. I know every coach wants to play attractive football but he certainly did in Belgium and also he tried at Monaco. He’s 49 and just started his career in Europe at Monaco, and now he wants to make a career in European football, and I hope for him that Glasgow [Rangers] will be his next step. The latest information that I’ve got is that they’re still negotiating, but there’s also still an offer from Saudi Arabia and a third unknown club. In Belgium at this moment, nobody is wanting to confirm that it will be Rangers by the end of this week.”

While discussing the managerial landscape, Claes also revealed, “There were several coaches already in Belgium interested in the [Rangers] job.” This statement hints at the competitive nature of the managerial race for the prestigious role at Rangers.

As the international break unfolds, the footballing world eagerly anticipates the resolution of this managerial saga, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of Glasgow Rangers.