BBC Pundit Has Slammed Rangers Fans for Their Criticism of James Tavernier

Michael Stewart delivered a scathing rebuke to Rangers fans who had been critical of their captain, James Tavernier. Stewart denounced the criticism as “lazy” and “harsh” following Tavernier’s impressive performance, which included scoring two goals in a victory against St Mirren.

Fans had been voicing their displeasure with Tavernier’s performances and his perceived failure to step up during the team’s struggles early in the season. However, Stewart, a former Hibernian and Hearts midfielder, vehemently defended the Gers’ skipper.

Stewart questioned the logic behind singling out Tavernier for criticism when there were several players on the pitch. According to him, Tavernier was one of the team’s standout performers, making the fans’ ire seem misplaced.

Speaking live on BBC Sportscene on October 8th, Stewart stated, “I don’t know whether it’s just familiarity and the fact that he’s the captain and has been there for such a long period of time that he gets it in the neck, but certainly for me, he is unquestionably one of their main performers.”

Highlighting Tavernier’s experience and leadership qualities, Stewart continued, “He’s been there long enough that he knows what the expectations are, I don’t see him failing to deliver as often as many others, I think he is a genuine leader.”

Stewart also addressed the commonly voiced criticism that Tavernier’s defensive skills were lacking. He argued, “I think it’s harsh on him, the criticism that’s leveled at him. The lazy criticism is obviously that defensively it’s not his strong point, but I think to a great extent over the years that has been, not eradicated, but it’s been limited.”

Acknowledging Tavernier’s development as a player, Stewart emphasized, “The strengths, the positives of his game have come to the fore much more. I don’t think James Tavernier is the one that they should be looking at when they’re leveling criticism at the team.”

In conclusion, Michael Stewart made it clear that he believed the criticism of James Tavernier by Rangers fans was unwarranted and that the blame for the team’s struggles should be directed elsewhere. Tavernier’s experience, leadership, and improved defensive abilities, according to Stewart, made him an essential asset for the club, deserving of support rather than criticism.