Barry Ferguson’s Take on Nicolas Raskin’s Captaincy Potential at Rangers Amid James Tavernier Speculations

In the realm of football speculation, a seasoned voice has emerged with thoughts on the potential ascendancy of Nicolas Raskin to the captaincy of Rangers Football Club. Barry Ferguson, the former Rangers midfielder, has not only touted Raskin as a future leader but also expressed concerns about the possibility of the Belgian midfielder departing Ibrox if his “very good performances” persist.

During a recent appearance on The Go Radio Football Show on August 15, Ferguson lauded Raskin’s qualities, highlighting his progressive playing style and aggressive demeanor as standout attributes. He affirmed that Raskin had etched his name among the top performers at Rangers with his consistent displays.

The debate surrounding the current captain, James Tavernier, and his efficacy in the role has been a topic of discourse. Ferguson, while acknowledging the occasional scrutiny that accompanies the captain’s armband, commended Tavernier’s resilience and ability to rise to challenges. “Tavernier does well for me,” Ferguson remarked, “When he’s having difficult games or difficult moments within games, he generally does come up with the answer and he did that last night.”

Turning his attention to Raskin, Ferguson expressed his affinity for the young Belgian player since his arrival at Rangers in January. Ferguson praised Raskin’s footballing acumen, his constant hunger for the ball, and his adeptness at seeking out advantageous positions on the field. Ferguson also highlighted Raskin’s innate aggression, a quality that resonated with him. With optimism, Ferguson pondered the prospect of Raskin donning the Rangers captain’s armband in the future: “In time, I think he could be [a Rangers captain]. My only worry is, if Raskin keeps producing very good performances, I think Rangers could struggle to keep a hold of him.”

However, Ferguson’s pragmatism soon resurfaced, dampening the speculation of an imminent change in captaincy. He voiced skepticism about the likelihood of such a transition, particularly during the active season, asserting that any alteration would more likely occur during the close season.

Raskin’s evolution within the Rangers setup has been a story of steady progress since his arrival in January. His impact was once again on display during the recent clash against Servette on August 15. The Belgian midfielder exhibited his trademark aggression and influence, contributing significantly to Rangers’ qualification for the next round of the Champions League.

While scrutiny had befallen Tavernier following a challenging previous campaign, Ferguson staunchly affirmed the captain’s role in the team’s fabric. He underscored Tavernier’s indispensable leadership, emphasizing that he had been at the helm since the summer of 2018 and had demonstrated his mettle in critical moments. Notably, Tavernier showcased his worth in the Servette encounter, netting the equalizing goal that propelled Rangers into the fourth-round tie against PSV.

In the midst of discussions regarding Raskin’s captaincy prospects, Ferguson acknowledged the broader significance of cultivating multiple potential leaders within the squad. Such depth in leadership, he noted, could prove crucial for Rangers as they navigate the demands of the upcoming season. With the determination to contend on various fronts, a strong and resolute mentality is imperative to surmounting any obstacles that may arise.

As speculation continues to swirl about the future leadership at Rangers, the seasoned insights of Barry Ferguson provide a balanced perspective. The prospect of Nicolas Raskin ascending to the role of club captain remains a tantalizing possibility, albeit one that comes with a caveat of potential challenges. In the unpredictable realm of football, only time will reveal whether Raskin’s trajectory aligns with the prophecies of this astute observer.