Barry Ferguson Weighs in on Rangers’ New Manager: Philippe Clement or Kevin Muscat?

Barry Ferguson has expressed his readiness to embrace either Philippe Clement or Kevin Muscat as the potential new manager for Rangers. As the Scottish giants grapple with an unfortunate spell of poor form, Ferguson highlights the significance of the candidates’ robust CVs in rejuvenating the team.

As the situation unfolds, the consensus points toward either Clement or Muscat taking the reins, yet there’s no confirmation as of now. Barry Ferguson, however, maintains his optimism for either of these managers, emphasizing his refusal to prematurely write off the season, considering the multitude of games yet to be played.

Ferguson articulated his perspective, stating, “So it looks like we’re down to a straight shoot-out between Philippe Clement and Kevin Muscat to become the 19th man to manage Rangers. And I have to admit, I’d be happy enough with either man. Both have strong CVs and credentials that make them worthy of consideration for the top job at Ibrox.”

Regarding the task that awaits the new manager, Ferguson believes that the upcoming Viaplay Cup presents a golden opportunity to start with a bang. “The Viaplay Cup is the first target and what a boost that would give the new gaffer if he could lead the side past Hearts in the semi-final and put that first trophy in the cabinet.”

Discussing the two contenders, Philippe Clement and Kevin Muscat, Ferguson expresses his preference for Muscat, emphasizing the Australian’s extensive managerial experience. He dismisses notions of Muscat’s inexperience, citing his decade-long managerial career across three countries, including successful stints in Australia and Japan. Ferguson believes that Muscat has completed his apprenticeship and is well-prepared for the challenge that managing Rangers represents.

Drawing from his personal experience of playing alongside Muscat, Ferguson counters the “hard-man” image attributed to Muscat. He describes Muscat as a committed and robust footballer who was dedicated to training and matches. Ferguson believes that Muscat’s teams will adopt a similar philosophy, characterized by both attacking flair and the requisite edge for success.

Ferguson’s assessment extends to Philippe Clement, acknowledging the Belgian’s impressive track record, which includes winning titles with Genk and Club Brugge and achieving a third-place finish with Monaco in France. Additionally, the absence of compensation requirements for Clement is an attractive factor for the club’s board, given the recent payout to Michael Beale and his staff.

Ultimately, Ferguson concludes by reiterating his readiness to support the new manager, be it Clement or Muscat, and his desire for Rangers to regain stability and success.