Barry Ferguson Shares ‘Honest’ Rangers and Celtic Title Race Verdict

Rangers are confidently positioned to challenge Celtic for the coveted crown this season, with football pundit Barry Ferguson expressing his belief that the battle will go down to the wire.

Ferguson, speaking on The Go Radio Football Show on 5 February at 4:30, shared his insights into Rangers’ current standing. He stated, “I think they’re in a good place. I’ve been open and honest about it in terms of Rangers closing the gap. I really think it is going to go down to the wire; I firmly believe it.”

Highlighting the team’s composure, Ferguson continued, “I still think there will be a couple of points dropped, but the big ones are the two Old Firm games. The difference I’ve seen at Rangers is when it gets to 20, 25, 30 minutes sometimes, there’s no noise in the stadium, there’s no panic, there’s a real calmness.”

He emphasized that this calm atmosphere translates onto the pitch, benefiting the Rangers team. “That filters onto the pitch, and I think that really helps the Rangers team. I think at this moment in time that’s a big plus for Rangers players.”

With the possibility of Rangers overtaking Celtic if they win their game in hand by more than two goals, the Premiership title race promises to be a thrilling contest until the very end.