Barry Ferguson Predicts Challenge for Raskin’s Starting Spot After Injury Setback

Former Rangers captain Barry Ferguson has shared his insights on the potential challenges facing Nicolas Raskin in regaining his spot in Philippe Clement’s starting lineup after a recent injury setback. In his column for the Daily Record on November 18, Ferguson expressed admiration for Raskin’s abilities but highlighted the impressive performances of John Lundstram and Ryan Jack in Raskin’s absence.

“I really like Raskin and think he will be a top player,” Ferguson stated. “In fact, I think he will become a really important player for Clement. But the way Jack and Lundstram have gone about their business in his absence through injury means there’s no guarantee he walks back into the team.”

Rangers have experienced a notable shift in squad dynamics, especially in midfield, where Raskin previously held a regular position. The injury opened the door for Lundstram and Jack to form a solid partnership, leading to commendable performances.

Ferguson acknowledged the positive development, saying, “It’s been a while since Rangers had plenty of quality depth in the squad, whether that be not having the players or not having them available due to injuries.”

As the international break concludes, Rangers are poised to have a wealth of options for Clement to choose from, promising increased depth in the squad. While Jack and Lundstram have excelled, Ferguson emphasized the need for healthy competition and a merit-based system within the team.

“Jack and Lundstram have been excellent in recent games and deserve to keep their place in the side, but Raskin is quality, and Clement clearly rates him highly,” Ferguson added. “Bringing Raskin back in wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but he should be made to earn it to ensure there is a merit system in the squad.”

Raskin, considered the future of the midfield, presents a contrasting perspective to the more experienced Lundstram and Jack. While acknowledging Raskin’s potential, Ferguson highlighted the importance of ensuring a fair and competitive environment within the squad.

“We can’t have favoritism in the squad because then complacency sets in, and Clement seems like the type who won’t accept that. But it’s nice to have options again for once,” concluded Ferguson, hinting at the positive dilemma of having multiple quality choices in the squad for the manager to consider.