Barry Ferguson Praises Philippe Clement’s ‘Brilliant’ Start at Rangers with Unconventional Choices

Rangers’ recent performance under the guidance of new manager Philippe Clement has raised eyebrows and garnered praise from former Ibrox captain Barry Ferguson. Clement’s unorthodox team selection and a resounding 4-0 victory over Hibernian left many in awe. Barry Ferguson shared his insights during an interview on Go Radio’s “The Football Show”, shedding light on the surprising elements of the game and his support for Clement’s daring choices.

Ferguson expressed his admiration for Clement’s initial team selection, emphasizing that it was “unexpected but I like it that way.” This sentiment reflected the unpredictability that Clement introduced to the Rangers’ lineup, which included John Souttar and Scott Wright. John Souttar’s and Scott Wright’s inclusion in Clement’s first starting XI took many by surprise, but for Ferguson, it was a refreshing deviation from the norm.

The former Ibrox captain went on to discuss his belief in Clement’s ability to make tough decisions, citing the manager’s previous experience as a title winner with Genk and Club Brugge. He remarked, “You could see it on Saturday. When they gave the ball away, they weren’t feeling sorry for themselves; they were working hard to get it back. You could see what he’s trying to put into this team, and bear in mind he’s only had the full squad for a couple of days. But you can already see a difference.”

Ferguson’s analysis of Clement’s managerial style revealed his appreciation for the manager’s grounded approach. He added, “I like that he’s not getting carried away, and nobody should because it’s only one game. Now it’s about showing that in Prague on Thursday night, then on the Sunday against Hearts. I want to see it most games. But it’s a brilliant start. You can’t ask for any more.”

Barry Ferguson also lauded Clement’s readiness to adapt and make tough decisions as necessary. He noted, “He strikes me as someone that if it starts to slip, he’ll be bang on it. He’ll not be scared to make a tough decision.” Clement’s willingness to change the team’s dynamics and tactical approach became evident when he introduced unexpected elements to the starting lineup.

Ferguson concluded his assessment by reiterating his appreciation for the unconventional approach, saying, “He started the team, and there were a few surprises. John Souttar came in and Scott Wright played, etc. But I like that way. It would be easy to say ‘the guys were brilliant’ and it’s all singing and dancing, we’re back to being the way that Rangers should be.”

Philippe Clement’s debut as Rangers’ manager has left a lasting impression on both fans and experts like Barry Ferguson. With an eye for unorthodox choices and an emphasis on adaptability, Clement’s tenure at Rangers promises to be an exciting one.