Barry Ferguson Picks Out Rangers Player Not Yet Ready to Start

Barry Ferguson maintains that Matondo might not yet be ready to take on the role of a starting player for Michael Beale’s side. He cites Matondo’s struggles against Celtic before the international break as evidence of this. Instead, Ferguson suggests that Matondo’s true potential lies in being utilized as a substitute later in matches.

Speaking on the Go Radio Football Show, Ferguson expressed his viewpoint, saying, “That’s what Matondo can bring as an impact player. From the start? I don’t see enough. But coming off the bench when the teams are starting to get tired and spaces start to happen for the opposition, that’s where he can really hurt them.”

While Matondo has undeniably excelled in his Rangers career when operating as a substitute, it’s important to recognize that there is value in occasionally starting him in the lineup. His natural pace and ball-carrying ability make him a threat not only in the closing stages of a game but from the very beginning as well.

The journey toward becoming a player who can consistently impact games from the start begins with gaining experience in starting matches. However, the pressures on Michael Beale and his Rangers squad to improve performances and secure results leave little room for players to adapt and develop slowly.

In conclusion, the debate surrounding Rabbi Matondo’s role at Rangers is one that hinges on the delicate balance between instant impact and long-term development. Barry Ferguson’s belief in Matondo’s prowess as an impact substitute is rooted in recent successes. Still, there remains the tantalizing prospect that the Welshman’s abilities could be harnessed effectively from the first whistle.