Barry Ferguson Picks Out One Rangers Game-Changer Who Clement May Be Perfect Manager For

Former Rangers star Barry Ferguson has expressed his admiration for Rangers manager Philippe Clement and his handling of midfielder Todd Cantwell in the aftermath of their recent Europa League clash against Sparta Prague. Ferguson delved into the intriguing dynamics between the manager and the player, suggesting that Clement might be the “perfect manager” for Cantwell at this crucial juncture in his Rangers career.

Reflecting on the evolving relationship between Clement and Cantwell, Ferguson expressed amusement at what appears to be a potential personality clash. In his column, Ferguson stated, “From the outside, it is beginning to look like there could be a potential personality clash between Philippe Clement and Todd Cantwell. And, to tell you the truth, there’s something about it that makes me chuckle to myself.”

Ferguson, a former Ibrox hero, argued that Clement’s decision to substitute Cantwell at halftime in the Viaplay Cup semi-final against Hearts, despite being a surprise, was the right call. He suggested that this move showcased Clement’s authority and demonstrated to Cantwell, and the entire dressing room, who is in charge at Ibrox.

Ferguson wrote, “I do get the feeling he might be quite cleverly showing Cantwell who the boss is right now. And everyone else inside that dressing room for that matter.”

Despite the halftime substitution against Hearts, Cantwell bounced back with an impressive performance, including a well-taken goal, against Sparta Prague. Ferguson praised the midfielder’s resilience and acknowledged Cantwell’s potential as a game-changer when fully focused on the game.

Ferguson stated, “Cantwell reacted with a big performance and a superbly taken goal against Sparta Prague on Thursday night. And that’s exactly what the manager would have been hoping for because when Cantwell puts all his energy and focus onto the football pitch, then Rangers have got a right good player on their hands.”

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Concluding his column, Ferguson posited that Clement might be the ideal manager for Cantwell at this stage of his Rangers career. He emphasized Clement’s demand for 100 percent commitment from every player in the dressing room, suggesting that this approach aligns with Cantwell’s potential and the manager’s expectations.

Ferguson wrote, “Clement might just be the perfect manager for him at the perfect time in his Rangers career because this is a guy who will accept nothing less than 100 per cent from everyone inside his dressing room.”