Barry Ferguson Laments Rangers’ Missed Opportunity to Sign Lewis Ferguson

Barry Ferguson openly shared his disappointment regarding the club’s decision not to pursue Lewis Ferguson’s signature during his tenure at Aberdeen. He lamented the missed opportunity, stating, “I am disappointed that Rangers didn’t show any interest. I was surprised because I thought he was really good for Aberdeen.”

Lewis Ferguson’s football journey began at Rangers in 2009, where he spent four years before making a significant move to Hamilton Academical’s youth setup in 2013. It was here that Lewis honed his skills and showcased his talent as a promising young player.

In 2018, Lewis Ferguson made a pivotal career move by joining Aberdeen. Over the subsequent years, he emerged as one of the most promising young midfielders in the Scottish Premiership.

Lewis Ferguson’s rise to prominence was marked by his versatility and ability to adapt to different midfield roles. He showcased significant improvements in his overall game and positional sense. These qualities, according to Barry Ferguson, make him a player capable of excelling on a bigger stage.

Lewis Ferguson’s journey took an exciting turn in the summer of 2022 when he made a move to Bologna, an Italian club. This transition to Serie A signifies a significant milestone in his career and an opportunity to further develop as a footballer.

Despite Lewis Ferguson’s growth and potential, Rangers did not make a move to bring him back to Ibrox. Barry Ferguson expressed his surprise at this decision and stressed his belief that Lewis had the qualities to excel in Rangers’ ranks.

Barry Ferguson said, as transcribed by HITC: “I think Lewis is good enough to go and make that step. He has come on leaps and bounds as a footballer. His overall game has improved. You can see it with the coaching.

“You know what the Italians are like. I have played with Italians and they go on about how they are coached over there. His positional sense on the pitch is a lot better now than it was at Aberdeen. If he produces, similar to Hickey, then teams are going to look at him.

“I am disappointed that Rangers didn’t show any interest. I was surprised because I thought he was really good for Aberdeen. Sometimes he never played in his favoured position. He was more of a holding midfielder then.

“I like him further forward. Let him off the leash a little. A bit like John McGinn. Getting into people’s faces and getting into the box, then when he plays that position, he is a real threat – it frustrates me, at times, when a former club (Rangers) doesn’t look at guys like Lewis.”