Barry Ferguson Has Compared Ross McCausland to Neil McCann After His Impressive Performances

Barry Ferguson has drawn striking comparisons between Rangers’ young talent Ross McCausland and the iconic Neil McCann. Impressed by McCausland’s standout performances this season, Ferguson shared his observations after witnessing the 20-year-old in action during Rangers’ 2-0 victory over Livingston on November 12.

Ferguson expressed that he couldn’t help but see shades of Neil McCann in the young winger. In his assessment, Ferguson acknowledged that McCausland has a significant journey ahead before reaching the pinnacle that his ex-teammate McCann achieved. Despite this, he couldn’t ignore the “frightening” similarities between the two players.

“That brings me back to my compliment to McCausland because when I was watching him at Livingston the other week, I saw Neil McCann screaming out of him,” said Ferguson. “Don’t get me wrong, the young man has a long, long way to go in his Rangers career before he’s up there with my old mate.”

Ferguson, who would include Neil McCann in his all-time Light Blues best XI, continued to highlight McCausland’s promising attributes. He emphasized the young player’s potential to make a significant impact at the club, likening his playing style to that of Neil McCann.

“But when I say he’s got all the attributes required to make a similar kind of impact at the club, I honestly can’t think of any higher accolade. Like Terry, he’s an out-and-out winger with pace to burn and an eye for goal. Every time he gets on the ball he looks to get forward, take on his full-back and make things happen.”

Ferguson also praised McCausland’s work ethic, both on and off the ball, drawing parallels to Neil McCann’s early days at Ibrox. He emphasized the positive response from Rangers fans, signaling their excitement about McCausland’s potential.

“The similarities are frightening and you can see from the way the Rangers fans have responded to him in these early stages how excited they are about his potential. So, like them, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the boy has got good people advising him as he contemplates the next stage of his career.”