Barry Ferguson Expresses Concern Over Potential VAR Impact on Scottish Premiership Title Race

Rangers captain Barry Ferguson has voiced his apprehension regarding the potential influence of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) on the outcome of crucial matches.

With both Glasgow giants locked in a fierce battle for the top spot in the league, Ferguson, speaking to reporters, expressed his singular fear regarding the implementation of VAR in Scottish football. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the title race and ensuring that on-pitch performances, rather than controversial refereeing decisions, remain the focus of discussions.

Ferguson’s concerns come amidst a pivotal moment in the season, with Rangers currently sitting second in the table, just behind Celtic. Despite a recent missed opportunity to claim the top position, Ferguson remains optimistic about his former team’s chances in the title race.

The former Rangers star highlighted the upcoming fixtures, including the eagerly anticipated Old Firm clash at Ibrox, as crucial moments that could significantly impact the trajectory of the title race. However, he cautioned against the potential interference of VAR in determining the outcome of these decisive matches.

“It’s all set to be an enthralling end to the season in Scotland,” Ferguson remarked. “But my only fear? I’ve got to be honest. It’s VAR. Am I concerned a needless decision from the video assistants could have an impact on the title? 100 per cent.”

Ferguson stressed the need for a reevaluation of the VAR system in Scotland, advocating for a more streamlined approach focused on addressing clear and obvious errors. Additionally, he called for a reconsideration of the current leadership within the Scottish Football Association’s refereeing department.

“No excuses,” Ferguson asserted. “We want to be talking about what’s happened on the pitch football wise – creating chances, good moves, great goals, individual performances and tactics.”

As the title race heats up, Ferguson’s sentiments reflect a widespread desire among football enthusiasts to preserve the purity of the sport, free from the controversies often associated with VAR interventions. With the stakes higher than ever, the Scottish Premiership braces for a thrilling conclusion, albeit with Ferguson’s concerns lingering over the potential impact of VAR on the championship outcome.