Barry Ferguson Expects Brendan Rodgers to Transform Celtic’s Style, Urges Rangers to Embrace the Challenge

Former Rangers star Barry Ferguson has expressed his belief that Brendan Rodgers’ return to Celtic as manager will bring about significant changes in the club’s playing style. Ferguson emphasizes the need for Rangers to embrace the upcoming challenge of facing a revamped Celtic side in the forthcoming season. With Rangers actively strengthening their squad, Ferguson is eager to see which players Rodgers will bring in to bolster his team.

In a recent interview on the Go Radio Football Show, Ferguson shared his thoughts on the upcoming clash between the two Glasgow rivals and his expectations for the impact Rodgers will have on Celtic’s game plan.

“From the Rangers perspective, you need to go there and embrace the challenge,” Ferguson stated, emphasizing the importance of facing a reinvigorated Celtic side head-on. He had initially been looking forward to the matchup between Michael Beale’s Rangers and Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic, but with Rodgers now at the helm, the dynamics of the rivalry have changed once again.

Acknowledging Rodgers’ managerial abilities, Ferguson considers him a top-class manager who will undoubtedly introduce significant tweaks to Celtic’s style of play. The former Leicester City boss is expected to bring in new players to enhance the squad’s capabilities and further his vision for the team.

Expressing his eagerness to see the players Rodgers will acquire during the summer transfer window, Ferguson added, “I am interested to see how many actual players he signs. It is exciting.” The prospect of fresh faces joining Celtic’s ranks adds an element of intrigue and anticipation to the upcoming season, heightening the competition between the Glasgow rivals.

Having ended the previous season without any silverware, Rangers, under the guidance of Michael Beale, will be determined to clinch trophies in the upcoming campaign. However, Ferguson acknowledges that in order to achieve this, Rangers must overcome the challenges presented by Rodgers’ revamped Celtic side, which is set to adopt a new playing style and feature new signings.

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Barry Ferguson’s insightful perspective highlights the impact Brendan Rodgers is expected to have on Celtic’s playing style. With Rangers actively strengthening their squad and Rodgers bringing in new players, the stage is set for an intense battle between the Glasgow rivals in the upcoming season. As both teams strive for success and silverware, Ferguson emphasizes the importance of embracing the challenge and looks forward to witnessing the evolution of the age-old rivalry under Rodgers’ stewardship at Celtic.