Barry Ferguson Emphasizes Uncertainty in the Scottish Premiership Title Race

Rangers legend Barry Ferguson expressed his firm belief that the Scottish Premiership title race is far from decided, debunking the notion that any team will clinch the championship with ease this season.

The recent appointment of Philippe Clement as the new Rangers boss has rejuvenated the team’s spirits, resulting in a commendable three-game winning streak. This resurgence has significantly bolstered the morale among the Ibrox faithful, instilling a renewed sense of hope.

Celtic, on the other hand, experienced a setback with a draw against Hibernian, allowing their lead at the summit of the Scottish Premiership table to dwindle to a mere five points. However, with Rangers having no fixture this weekend, Celtic seized the opportunity to extend their lead to eight points.

What initially appeared to be a procession towards the championship a few weeks ago has now evolved into a fierce contest once again. Rangers have rekindled their belief in their ability to close the gap with Celtic and potentially topple them from the top of the standings.

Ferguson, a former Rangers captain, expressed his view on the Go Radio Football Show when asked if he believes the title race is over: “No, I said that – there is no chance it’s over. I don’t think Celtic are as good as last year either. Neither are Rangers. I don’t think somebody is going to win it with four or five games left. I honestly don’t believe that.”

His perspective is a testament to the unpredictability of the league and the determination of both Glasgow clubs to secure the coveted title. This season, every point and every performance matter in what promises to be an enthralling title race.