Barry Ferguson Criticizes Rangers Midfielder Jose Cifuentes’ Performance Against Real Betis

Barry Ferguson has voiced his criticisms regarding the recent performance of Rangers midfielder Jose Cifuentes in the Europa League match against Real Betis. Ferguson did not mince words when discussing Cifuentes’ performance, highlighting both his struggles and the challenges he faces adapting to the style of play at Ibrox.

Expressing his views on Cifuentes’ performance, Barry Ferguson began by acknowledging that it is still early days for the Ecuadorian midfielder at Rangers. He emphasized that Cifuentes should not be hastily written off, suggesting that there is untapped potential in the player. However, he did not shy away from criticizing the player’s recent showing.

“I thought Cifuentes struggled if I am being honest, I thought he struggled with the pace of the game. Is it the travel or whatever?” Ferguson questioned. This statement highlights his concern regarding Cifuentes’ ability to adapt to the tempo of Scottish football, especially after his recent move from LAFC.

Ferguson also pointed out that Cifuentes appeared to get caught on the ball several times during the match against Real Betis, leading to a somewhat subdued performance. Despite these challenges, Ferguson maintained his belief in Cifuentes’ abilities, stating, “I still think there’s a player in him, I have seen plenty enough of him, heard people speak about him. He’s strong, powerful, he can handle the ball. But we have still not seen enough of him yet in a Rangers jersey.”

One crucial aspect highlighted by Ferguson is the significant difference in playing styles between the MLS and the Scottish Premiership. Cifuentes, who made the move to Ibrox during the summer, is undoubtedly experiencing a significant transition in his footballing career.

Ferguson pointed out that football in the UK, particularly in Scotland, is known for its faster pace and physicality, in stark contrast to the style of play in the MLS. Moreover, the quality of players in the Scottish Premiership is generally regarded as being of a higher standard compared to the MLS. These factors combined make the transition for players like Cifuentes all the more challenging.