Barry Ferguson and Peter Grant Have Clashed Live on Air Over Todd Cantwell’s Role at Rangers

Barry Ferguson and Peter Grant found themselves at odds over Todd Cantwell’s role at Rangers under new manager Philippe Clement. Grant identified Cantwell’s position as the only “problem” at Ibrox, advocating for a central role, while Ferguson defended the midfielder’s recent performance on the right-wing.

Todd Cantwell, the attacking midfielder, has featured in the starting lineup four times under Clement’s management. The latest tactical decision saw Cantwell positioned on the right-wing, with Sam Lammers assuming the role of the number 10 behind Danilo. Despite Cantwell’s goal-scoring contribution from the right in the Czech Republic, Grant expressed reservations about this placement.

During the Go Radio Football Show on November 15th, Peter Grant voiced his concerns about Cantwell’s role, stating, “The one problem he [Clement] has got is the Cantwell situation. When I look at him on the right-hand side, for me, that is the only position I wouldn’t play him.” Grant further suggested that even if Lammers were to be deployed on the right, Cantwell should be positioned centrally.

Grant continued by comparing Cantwell to another player, stating, “I think wee McCausland comes on and looks better than him and more exciting in that position. Cantwell on the right is not sitting right, even if you played Lammers in that position with Cantwell in the middle.”

Barry Ferguson, however, took a contrasting stance, commending Cantwell’s adaptability and performance in the unfamiliar right-wing role. “In his defense, I was at the game last Thursday and he was very good on the right-hand side,” Ferguson stated. He highlighted Cantwell’s post-match interview, emphasizing that it was the first time the midfielder had played in that position and noting Cantwell’s positive reaction to the tactical shift.