Andy Halliday Contends That the Criticism Directed at James Tavernier Has Been Unjust

James Tavernier has faced his fair share of criticism for not amassing enough silverware during his tenure at the club. However, as the Gers recently clinched the league cup, it marks a pivotal moment in Tavernier’s pursuit of glory.

Former teammate Andy Halliday, speaking on Clyde Superscoreboard, showered praise on Tavernier, highlighting the skipper’s exceptional contributions and remarkable statistics. Halliday acknowledges Tavernier’s prowess on the pitch and emphasizes that winning the league cup should serve as a starting point for greater achievements.

Steven Gerrard’s time as a manager fell short of seizing a significant opportunity.

Reflecting on Steven Gerrard’s managerial era, Halliday expressed frustration over the missed opportunity to secure a treble in the 2020/21 season. Despite Rangers’ dominance in the league, conceding only 13 goals and remaining unbeaten throughout the campaign, cup competitions slipped away, leaving a lingering sense of unfulfilled potential.

James Tavernier and Steven Gerrard

As Rangers’ current manager, Philippe Clement, works to fine-tune the team, there is a palpable sense of momentum at Ibrox. The upcoming three league games loom large on the horizon, carrying the weight of determining the fate of the Scottish Premiership title.

Unjust Criticism Surrounding James Tavernier

Andy Halliday dismisses the notion that Tavernier should be judged solely on defensive capabilities. He asserts, “People need to realize that if James Tavernier was as good defensively as he was going forward, he wouldn’t be at Rangers. It’s as simple as that.” Halliday defends Tavernier against what he perceives as unfair criticism regarding the skipper’s captaincy role, pointing to recent performances as evidence of Tavernier’s leadership qualities.

James Tavernier with Viaplay Cup

In a pivotal moment during the recent league cup triumph, Tavernier showcased his captaincy credentials. Halliday notes, “Because it’s another big moment, and Rangers are looking for somebody to grasp it, and he’s the one that’s come up with the goods again.” Tavernier’s ability to rise to the occasion and lead the team in crucial moments underscores his significance as a captain and adds another layer to the ongoing narrative of Rangers’ pursuit of glory.

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As the Scottish Premiership unfolds, the spotlight remains firmly on James Tavernier and his quest for more trophies. Whether he can lead Rangers to further success will undoubtedly shape the legacy of this talented and resilient skipper.