Ally McCoist Has Urged Philippe Clement to Extend Outstanding Star Contract

Rangers legend Ally McCoist has emphatically called for the extension of Jack Butland’s contract, citing the English goalkeeper’s “outstanding” performance since his arrival. Butland, who inked a four-year deal in the summer, played a pivotal role in securing a 3-2 victory over Real Betis, helping Rangers top their Europa League group.

During a post-game interview on TNT Sports, host Emma Dodds revealed that Butland’s current contract is set to expire in 2025. McCoist wasted no time expressing his opinion on the matter, asserting that securing Butland with a new and longer contract should be a top priority for Rangers’ manager, Philippe Clement, especially with the January transfer window looming.

“I think another thing that’s worth mentioning, when you asked the question will he be supported in the transfer window. Should he, yeah, absolutely, definitely,” McCoist commented. “But if I’m Philippe Clement, the first thing I’m doing, I’m getting the goalkeeper a longer contract. That’s the first thing I’m doing.”

Acknowledging Butland’s exceptional contributions, McCoist emphasized the importance of retaining the goalkeeper amid potential new signings in the upcoming transfer window. He added, “Not that I’m in any position to give any manager any ideas or plans, but I’ll tell you right now the goalkeeper has been absolutely outstanding and clearly he will want to bring one or two new faces into the club and he deserves to do that, but you want to keep that goalkeeper.”

Michael Beale’s impact during his tenure at the club is undeniable, with the acquisition of Jack Butland emerging as the standout move. The goalkeeper has proven to be the summer’s best signing, seamlessly stepping into the shoes of the legendary Allan McGregor.

While Butland’s initial two-year deal might have seemed short at the time, there is a clear understanding that the goalkeeper aspires to return to the England setup, potentially leading to a move back to the Premier League. However, the focus for Rangers is on ensuring the goalkeeper’s commitment to the club, eliminating the need for the hassle of replacing a top-class player.