Alex McLeish Admits There’s Something Celtic Are Miles Better at Than Rangers Right Now

Former Rangers manager, Alex McLeish, has recognized the prowess of Celtic’s transfer model and its role in their ongoing success. Speaking about an upcoming Scotland fixture, he shared his insights on what his former club, Rangers, needs to do in order to catch up with Celtic. McLeish’s comments highlight the stark contrast between the recruitment strategies of the two Glasgow rivals.

“I think the task is bigger now. It doesn’t look as if recruitment has worked. [Ange] Postecoglou [at Celtic two years ago] brought in a formula but he had quick players,” noted McLeish. “He signed players who could burst through the backline and, soon enough, you could see what he wanted to do. If you compare Rangers’ recruitment to Celtic’s recruitment, it’s not been at the same level. The dynamism isn’t there.”

Celtic’s remarkable success story is a testament to the effectiveness of their scouting department. Achieving what they are doing today requires time, effort, and a wealth of knowledge about the beautiful game. With over two decades of experience, the club’s scouts have consistently excelled at identifying players with the potential for a bright future in football. The club’s ability to strike a balance between immediate impact and long-term potential is a crucial factor in their continued dominance in Scottish football.

In conclusion, Celtic’s transfer model stands as a shining example of how astute recruitment can pave the way for sustained success in the world of football. Their commitment to unearthing talent, combined with the ability to sell players at a profit, has not only ensured self-sustainability but has also allowed them to maintain their stranglehold on Scottish football.