Alan Hutton Praises Philippe Clement’s Impact as Rangers Manager

lan Hutton expressed his admiration for the managerial style of Philippe Clement, who took over the reins at Rangers following Michael Beale’s departure.

Hutton highlighted the distinctive approach of the new manager, emphasizing the departure from Beale’s strategy of seeking the “perfect goal.” According to Hutton, Beale’s focus was on meticulous build-up play, with a preference for wide attacks initiated by fullbacks and intricate positioning of attacking players close to the number nine.

Reflecting on Clement’s tactics, Hutton noted a marked shift in playing style, stating, “Clement wants to be more aggressive with the ball. He wants to get it forward quicker. He’s not scared to go in behind and allow the likes of Abdallah Sima to run in behind the channels, especially if they are playing against a low block.”

The former Rangers defender pointed out the dynamism Clement brings to the team, emphasizing the manager’s willingness to make subtle changes and adopt a more direct approach when necessary. Hutton remarked on Clement’s managerial persona, describing it as possessing an “aura” and “aggressiveness” crucial for effective management.

“I think the difference in management is that Clement has got that aura about him, that aggressiveness, that nature that you need. If you need to give a player a rocket, you can go and get after him and get what he needs out of them. So far, so good. He’s just in the door. He’s unbeaten, which is obviously great so far, but we’ll wait and see how it develops. But I really like what I’ve seen so far,” commented Hutton, acknowledging the positive start under Clement’s leadership.

As Rangers continue their unbeaten streak under the new manager, the football community awaits further developments in Clement’s tenure and the impact of his distinctive playing style on the team’s performance.